The Remixers TV

Concept Development. Culinary Production. A Wild Cookie documentary series, recently premiered in Málaga Film Festival.

The Remixers is about gastronomy, passion, discovery culture and even globalization, but overall it is a quest of two twin brothers raving in the backstage of some of the core kitchens of the culinary world map. An intense adventure that redefines their own creativity limits and love for food and people. 

We move across the world with The Colombo Bros, Max - an architect turned chef trained at Rialto's fish market - and Stefano - designer turned restaurateur, easily found in gigs and festivals - from Venice, who have set their own lifestyle as part of Barcelona's urban character. Owners of Xemei, their main restaurant, and the outbursting Bar Brutal, they show the complexity of their personalities providing a deep insight into local producers and their extended network of natural wine makers and food lovers around the world. A journey on the search for authentic food love.

The first episode focuses on Elkano, in Getaria, Basque Country.


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