Poster by moi.

Poster by moi.


Francesca Ferreyros (IK), Jorge Muñoz (Astrid&Gastón), Matías Cillóniz (Mó Bistro) and Ricardo Martins (Siete) get on this event signed by ElEncuentro (, peruvian chefs collective aiming to focus on the diversity of the produce in Peru and the cultural richness and openness of the Peruvian chefs in the country and abroad. They are joined by mixologists André Querol from Chuncho and Luis Flores from Amaz.

April 11th. Limited capacity. Book ahead in IK.

©Goyo Barragpan

©Goyo Barragpan

(DIARIES) 50Best Explores PERU

After a life changing experience we delivered a full content project worked together with The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Marca Perú. Experiencing Perú with Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, Diego Muñoz, José del Castillo and Pía León has been a luxury. The energy of Matías Cillóniz, Francesca Ferreyros, Arlette Eulert, André Patsías and all the involved has been nothing but contagious. I’ve found a new layer to the love for my country. And walking this adventure with Ana Ros, Jock Zonfrillo, James Lowe and the great Daniela Soto-Innes… a privilege. The Journalists, The Kooks and the 50Best Team, they just ruled :)

Check out the project here.

Los Implicados.

Los Implicados.


The first episode of a series I’m working on with our production house Wild Cookie and the Catalán film director Alex Martínez got its first exposure in the uprising Festival de Málaga de Cine en Español. Quite exciting and followed up by baccalá mantecato made by Max Colombo, wines from Escoda Sanauja and a visit to El Yerno at the Mercado de Málaga… finest savage produce.

FC: Grupo José Avillez

FC: Grupo José Avillez

(LISBOA) CANTINA peruana and pisco bar

Now relocated to Rua do Sao Paulo, Cantina Peruana by Diego Muñoz in partnership José Avillez launched last March 21st, ahead of the spring season and ready to spice up the summer nights of Lisbon with a fun selection of Pisco based cocktails: Capitán Lisboa, El Plebeyo and Chabuca Granda amongst others. The party was sponsored by Pisco 1615, key ally in the popularity of Pisco in Portugal, totally trending.

Now open from 19;00, terca a sábado.


The Remixers: República Marítima

200 Conversaciones

El Encuentro, Peruvian Chefs

Despensa Amazónica

Atman, Diego Muñoz

Sabe a Perú for Movistar Media

Yakumanka, Barcelona