Peruvian food is now on the rise around the world, how can we better use this chance?

We believe in the power of food as a social game-changer that can affect both cultural and economic growth, giving recognition to our heritage and to the ones preserving it, through the years.

In times of fast trends and a hunger for food content, we believe that honest and sustainable connection can only arise from us physically getting together, ready to continue an evolution.

ElEncuentro is focused on heritage, sustainability and creativity.

Peruvian chefs, restaurateurs and gastronomes trained around the world that aim to empower the connection between the world and Peru’s landscape, produce, culture, people and identity.

We create food-based experiences, and follow a free way to explore, share and celebrate. ElEncuentro is a flexible collective of like-minded peers around the globe, lead by a core group of upcoming chefs: Jorge Muñoz, Francesca Ferreyros, Matías Cillóniz and Ricardo Martins.

Ask me about the next event, media and brand partnership opportunities. We have a cool program for 2019.