Once I was a playwright. I did actually prepared, trained and worked in the theatre craft, then in performing arts, then in visual arts, then in cultural industries, and then I went for plain creativity. The idea was always to tell stories that could, eventually, even in bits, change the world. All of the sudden here I am, 20 years later crafting stories that have food as a core language. Unexpected? Absolutely.

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Now, the etymology of the word playwright is not really linked to the actions of a writer but to the ones of a craftsman; is not based on the task of writing a play but on crafting one. Setting the stage, the actors, the action. Telling the story through those others. I guess I’m not that far from that first craft.

My undeniable past - actually very proud - in Advertising helps me understand and empower impact. More so than the years in agencies, some years in the tech bubble, Google and Facebook, gave me a sense of how content moves and how it can create trends, many times for our best use and human benefit.

Now, I’m fortunate enough. After a very exciting experience working for The World's 50 Best Restaurants I gained access to some of the best chefs, restaurateurs and food & wine producers. Beautiful people passionate and capable of things politicians would only dream of: like making people actually happy. Also, I got to know outstanding writers and content creators that do believe they can change the status quo, the environment, and our cultural issues, through food stories. This is the access I have and I use, learning from wonderful minds.

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What do I get? Really? Apart from traveling the world, I get to create the most unique experiences and share deep stories focused on culture and heritage, while enjoying and enhancing creativity, my first love.

I share some of those experiences here on the site, some in my IG and many with coffee or matcha tea.

If any of your projects could benefit of my expertise, or you need a creative mind, or your brand has finally realised how impactful great stories are… give me a shout.

I work with the coolest teams, film crews and design studios on:

  • Content Development & Video Production

  • Culinary Experiences & Chef’s Curation

  • Media Pairing & Story Development

  • Pop Ups & (Un)Branded Events

  • Fixed Trips focused on Food - just ask, I know that many places

  • Identity & Narratives for culinary and cultural projects

I’m also a partner at Giant Cookie, soundest experience production house based in Barcelona - now working the UEFA Champions League - and filming with its alter ego Wild Cookie, our film production leg. I’m an active member and creative producer of ElEncuentro, upcoming chefs collective from Perú.


In the meantime I suggest reading some of my faves:

Roads & Kingdoms / New Worlder  / Fool Magazine / Fare Magazine

TO CONTACT ME (or to send ME GOOD books)

Av. Del Marqués de la Argentera 7, 2do-1ra, El Born, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.