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I work closely with high end chefs, brands and organisations from Latin America, Iberia, South East Asia, and some of the main gastronomic regions of the world. 

I enhance the stories about food focusing on preserving our cultural and natural heritage, setting the spotlight on unique experiences, ephemeral dinners and discovery trips.

After several years in Google & Facebook, I switched to food based on pure passion, applying my learnt skills for trend analysis, optimisation, marketing and global project management to diverse projects in high end gastronomy. A producer at heart, I’ve worked for The World's 50 Best Restaurants and kicked off independently to work on a project-basis.

Now I manage projects from strategy and creativity to execution, catering marketing, pr and networking needs for brands, chefs, restaurants, governments, and organizations related to food and travel across the world. I work with a solid network of highly experienced partners, always based on project and market needs.

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Av. Del Marqués de la Argentera 7, 2do-1ra, El Born, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.

+34 671047589