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As part of the #50BestExploresPeru experience, we took renown chefs Jock Zonfrillo (Oranna, Adelaide), Ana Ros (Hisa Franko, Slovenia), Daniela Soto-Innes (Cosme, NYC) and James Lowe (Lyle’s).

We were hosted by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino (Amaz/Malabar), Pía León (Kjolle), Diego Muñoz (Atman/Cantina Peruana), José del Castillo (Isolina), Arlette Eulert (Matria), André Patsías (Statera), Francesca Ferreyros (IK) and Matías Cillóniz (Mó Bistro), all renown and upcoming Peruvian chefs.

Main Achievements:

21 days on the road. A delicious adventure that reached of almost 1.4 Million 50Best viewers - well traveled foodies and restaurant enthusiasts- all over the world, 700K viewers for video content, and almost $1 Million USD in ROI, representing a total reach to more than 44 Million people across media.

The campaign got a Webby Awards Honoree recognition in the Social: Food & Drink Category, awarded by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences.

It also allowed the rise of a new wave of Peruvian Chefs, and a deeper knowledge of Peru’s culinary landscape, biodiversity, cultural heritage and development of travel industry.

This was a project a full media content project developed and managed for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in partnership with Marca Perú.


We traveled to the Amazon to learn about aboriginal ingredients and techniques, in the city of Iquitos and in the community of Pucaurquillo, to learn with the Boras and Huitotos about the Yucca Brava, its fermentation process and the rescue of the “Tucupí” sauce, a an Amazonian produce on the rise.

We explored the explore the heritage and traditions of Arequipa, guided by the strong leads of the Sociedad Picantera de Arequipa, preserving traditional food for more than 500 years.

We visited also the Northern Coast to learn about Perú’s sea resources through Piura and Tumbes, and of course about the origins of Ceviche, the iconic dish. We explore and enjoy the magic of The Andes from Machu Picchu to the heights of Lake Titicaca, also getting to know great culinary projects such as Virgilio Martinez’ MIL, Destilería Andina and Cervecería del Valle Sagrado, while pampering the crew onboard the Belmond Andean Explorer.

While on the road to all corners of Perú, we got three weeks of dinners, visits and interviews in the Capital City of Lima, gastronomic centre of Latin America. A time to meet top and upcoming chefs, traditional restaurants and markets: up to twenty of them, with the aim of understanding the boom of Peruvian Cuisine and its relationship to the country’s history and biodiversity.